A little about us

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fighting a fish on the end of your line. With your drag set tight, rod bent over the side and tunes on your stereo system, you’ve got nothing but open ocean all around. Thats what its like here at ReelTeaseFishing.com. 

ReelTeaseFishing.com was established in 2009 by South Florida fisherman Carlos “Junior.” Carlos is a Miami native and a USCG Captain of 3 fishing vessels. Born into a family of fishing enthusiasts, the 28-year-old grew up fishing, picking up a rod as early as two years old. He teams up with several anglers, both family and friends, who specialize in offshore and inshore fishing. Although the team may seem young, these men are no greenhorns. With more than 75 years of fishing under their belts combined, they are extremely experienced on the water. You may have recognized him as the HogsOnHooks guy, or from the various photos and videos of Carlos catching Hogfish on hook and line throughout the fishing industries most popular magazines and forums.  

 While ReelTeaseFishing.com started out as a hobby for Carlos, it has turned into a home for anglers everywhere. ReelTeaseFishing's youtube channel has over 2 Million viewers, from all across the globe. The website’s mission is to bring together the fishing community. On the site, you can look through photos of Reel Tease in action. Find product reviews and videos of products being tested in real world scenarios. Reel Tease encourages fans to upload pictures of their favorite catches, share information and ask questions by emailing Info@reelteasefishing.com