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Aqua Relic Bluegill

Kanan Lures

The Aqua Relic Female Bluegill was a hit right out of the box. I was so impressed with its realism, that I took it to a nearby lake and caught me a few small bluegill to compare side by side. The paint jobs on these lures are outstanding. They also have 3D eyes that add to its appearance. I have casted them numerous times and they are still holding up, despite a few sandpaper like scratches from some big south Florida Large Mouth Bass. The hooks have also stayed sharp without rusting.

The Aqua Relic Female Bluegill is a sinking style multi-jointed lure that weighs approximately ½Oz. It’s target swim depth is 2-5ft and swims extremely well. Since it’s a sinking lure, A few jerks of the rod will give this lure that injured/dying fish appearance that bass and other fish go crazy over.