The product is called Bait Cloud, it is a bait "bomb" like product. Almost like the bath bombs your wife or girlfriend enjoy in their bath tubs but these are made for fishermen, and made to catch fish. It is a small ball made up of fishy goodness that attracts whatever fish you are targeting. It is made up of all bio-degradeable ingredients and made completely in the US. The "bombs" come in seven different formulas to target different fresh water fish and crustaceans. Once it is thrown in the water (lake, stream, pond etc.), the ingredients in the bomb begin to produce bubbles mixed with a scent to attract the fish you are targeting. After you have a decent amount of fish in the area, simply cast your lure and hold on!

Photo provided by: BaitCloud


‚ÄčOne problem that might sound like it has an obvious solution while fishing is: 'How do I attract fish?'. Well, many options exist out there from chum to oils but I found an option that can make this dilemma less of a mess and actually enjoyable. 

Bait Cloud also exclusively revealed to us at ICAST that they are currently working on a saltwater formula. The BaitCloud balls are expected to be a lot bigger but thats all we are allowed to say. Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel for real world videos of these products in action. 

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