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The first 2/3 of its body is lined with bubble pockets. This does two things, it traps air on each cast and will release them as it descends and moves causing attention to itself as well as gives this stick bait additional flexibility. Another Great feature is that the last 1/3 of its body is ribbed for maximum water displacement. Wether you are using it as a glide bait or fishing it down deep, it will provide outstanding action. 

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Biovex USA

Double Pocket Stick Bait

Mr. Andy Young gave us a fantastic overview of the new 7" Double Pocket Stick Bait. This soft lure is loaded with great features to help land trophy fish. As soon as you put your hands on it you notice a few things, firstly its weight.this provides long and accurate casting. Its a pretty hefty lure and at 7" it's no wonder it calls big fish. Secondly, the softness of the plastic. This stick bait is extremely soft yet durable. It is loaded with salt, which gives it a realistic feel and will keep fish chewing.