Freshwater Reports

By Carlos Hechavarria Jr

Winter is right around the corner, but its Florida. That means the temperature will not lower as cold as it does up north even in the dead of winter. With these warmer water temperatures, big bass and fish will still be moving into shallower waters to grab a bite. For the bank fisherman, try early mornings or on the colder days look for them near shore around noon, this is a great time to find big fish in your casting range. 

While the Largemouth Bass start to ambush prey during the warmer periods of the day, here in south Florida, the prized Peacock Bass will be slightly less aggressive. However they will still hit a nicely placed lure in the dead of winter.  When looking for Peacock Bass, keep in mind that they like the refuge of deep water. A spot that has shallow water with a deep drop is ideal. 

For targeting Peacock Bass this time of year, try using lifelike swim baits. Any hard or soft plastic that imitates a small live fish will get them to bite. For soft plastics I like the color white, while using hard plastics I like to use a black/gold or black/silver. If you can see the fish, and it does not want to bite. I recommend keep casting at it. Peacock Bass have a bad temper and it only takes a few cast to get a not hungry Peacock to hit your lure out of frustration. 

For those that like to use live shiner's, Setup an inline cigar bobber 2-3ft from your live bait hook, add a shiner and cast it just beyond the drop off of any lake and it shouldn't be too long before a hungry bass is on the end of your line.

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