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The interior lining is made of a high grade neoprene material. The soles are a two part construction: the upper sole is a foam material which includes a heel cup. This heel cup locks the heel in place, and avoids the sole from moving inside the boot. Along with the heel cup, this sole also includes drain holes that provide water drainage and breathability. The second sole sits on pilings, creating a bilge style area underneath. This creates an area for any water or sweat to sit in while keeping the users feet high and dry. 

Another great feature is the silicone band. This band is intended to go over your bib or bait legs to assure water cannot get into the boot. The bottom of the boot has great grip, it uses Grundéns Hercules grip for superior traction. Lastly, these boats are made in the USA! 


​ Grundéns Deck Boss Boots are made for the working angler. Its not any regular rain boot, this is a deck boot. Made to keep your feet dry and comfortable for long periods. These boots have no glue or taping used to hold parts together. It is an injection molded boot that provides not only comfort but durability after strenuous seasons. The injection material is called SEBS, which prevents cracking in high flex points. It also allows the boot to be softer than its competitors, thus allowing the boot to be rolled down.​