Wade Master 15​ 

Hydroglow introduced their newest Wade Master LED light at ICAST 2017.  Hydroglow has two versions, a Wade Master 5 which has a 5 watt LED and Wade Master 10 which has a 10 watt LED. They added a third light, 20 % brighter then their brightest Wade Master light that is currently available. This light is a 15 watt powerful LED that will light up the shallows making it easy to spot lobster and flounder.

The LED light is fully submersible, and can be submersed all the way to the foam handle. typically this light will be used off the sides of a boat or by wade fisherman on shallow flats. This is a personal light, which makes directing light a breeze when hunting for elusive fish or lobster. Another great feature is that it has no wires to hook up to a 12v battery,. nor does it take a special battery or battery pack. It uses 4 standard AA batteries and last close to 4 hours. 

For more information visit HYDROGLOW.COM

​Here at Reel Tease Fishing we are excited to try out the Wade Master 15 in the upcoming days during the lobster mini season. We will be updating this article, with photos and videos of the Wade Master 15 in action. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the update by subscribing to Reel Tease Fishing's YouTube channel.