Kicker Coaxial Speakers

Kicker KM654LCW

I recently outfitted our tournament boat with Kicker KM654LCW Coaxial Speakers. I was hesitant at first due to the fact that these speakers have audio and RGB LED wires. After connecting the first pair, it was actually easier then I had thought. Connecting these speakers is no different than your ordinary speaker, all that is required (for those with the LED feature) is to run an additional 4 wire or RGB cable to the speaker. 

These speaker, if you have ever owned a Kicker speaker, are made of high quality materials. They exceed the industry standards when it comes to marine grade speakers. They were designed specifically for marine use and have all stainless steel hardware and are salt/weather resistant to deliver years of enjoyment. 

These speakers are also made specifically to be operated without the need for a sealed enclosure. This is a big plus for boaters, as most boats don't have the space to put speakers in an enclosure. This feature makes it a very easy install, whether you are replacing already existing speakers or cutting out new spots for the install.

As I cranked the head unit on our boat, it was evident these speakers will be head turners. They are very powerful for their size. Outfitted with their own tweeters, they produce outstanding highs and midranges. Not only do they provide clear audio (even at high volumes) but the LED lighting was spectacular. Overall they are impressive!

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