We have used the popping corks with outstanding results on the flats of North Biscayne Bay. We like to set them up with about 2-3ft of 20lb fluorocarbon line and then set up with a 1/4oz jighead and put on a plastic shrimp. The combination of the shrimp being drifted right over the seagrass and the commotion caused by the popper really entice the big Speckled Trout to attack the presented lure. When we go to Flamingo where the water is a bit muddy, we use the same setup but will use a 3-4ft leader and usually tip the rig with a live shrimp or cut bait. We have had great results with the Legend Popping Corks and feel that anglers who try them will be satisfied with their results.

We also decided since they work so effectively on the grass flats, to take one offshore. Our results were impressive. We had two fish on the Legend Popping Cork while drifting our live baits. These were the only two fish taken while drifting live baits using four rods and only one was outfitted with the popping cork. Although the day was slow, the corks action and internal sound chamber is what I believe enticed the fish to check out our baits. Check out the video below of the 30LB Tuna caught using the Legend Popping Cork, and make sure to put it in HD.

For more information check out www.legendpoppingcorks.com

The corks are made from a very tough plastic material. After rigorous use the poppers have not been damaged, they have been tossed up against pilings, and concrete bridges with little to no harm done to the popping cork other then surface scratches. The line loops seem to be stainless steel and have not rusted in the 3-4 months that we have been using them.

Legend Popping Corks

The legend popping corks are a unique type of popping cork. They behave like any other popping cork, but what truly sets them apart is the noise that is produce in its inner hollow chamber. The popping cork has the concaved upper part that will make gulping sounds as air is trapped and forced under the surfaced when the cork is jerked. At the same time, the beads in the hollow core will rattle adding another distinct sound that can be heard all the way back to the boat.