Live Target Lures

Hollow Body Mullet

Hands down one of the best baits to use when targeting big game fish inshore goes to the finger mullet. LIVETARGET has made a hollow bodied lure that mimics these bait fish. This surface lure features a weedless design with a strong forged single hook. Made to be walked on the surface, it is ideal to be used in thick mangrove openings as well as under docks and pilings. Most saltwater predators, including Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook, and Tarpon won't resist the temptation of a well placed finger mullet. The ultra-realistic LIVETARGET lure is a scanned copy of a real mullet. It features 3d eyes, protruding fins, and life-like gills that give this lure the edge.
Like the hollow bodied lures from LIVETARGET in the past, the body will collapse when a fish strikes, exposing the ultra sharp forged hook with no where else to go but deep into the fishe's lip. Tie one on & hold on.

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Menhaden Swim Bait

If you can net a live well full of Menhaden, then you will no doubt have an awesome day of fishing; however thats not always the case. LIVETARGET set out to make this an issue of the past, introducing their newest member to the swim bait family the Menhaden Swim Bait. Available in two size, 3.5" and 4.5", as well as two colors Natural Atlantic Menhaden and Bronze Gulf Menhaden. It is also weedless in design, using its dorsal fin to protrude past the height of the hook to prevent snags. Its patented oscillator tail is what separates it from all the other swim baits which use a standard paddle tail. The oscillating tail gives it a tighter swimming action, which keeps the bait swimming in the upright position rather than allowing it to flop around erratically.  

Ready to swim straight out of the package, this swim bait will allow anglers to match the hatch when fish are finicky. To add more flash, there is an integrated accessory pin near the belly of the lure, allowing you to add spinner blades or even a treble hooks, if fishing in open water.