Savage Gear USA

Savage Gear's 3D Bat won ICAST 2017's best fresh water hard lure! It is considered a winged crawler styled lure. it is a hard body topwater lure with two wings that fold tight to its body during casting. This feature provide maximum casting distance and accuracy. when retrieving, it is best to reel this lure in a steady retrieve without jerking or twitching the rod as you would most top water lures. This steady retrieve allows the wings to deploy and give the 3D bat a walking, struggling bat affect. This commotion caused by the side to side action on the surface brings a lot of attention to the lure and causes big fish to come and investigate. 

Looking at this lure up close, it is obvious that a lot of detail was put into it. It has feathers in the rear with treble hooks, it has small rubber feet, and to top it off it creates a high pitched sound with its built in rattle. This lure couldn't look any closer to the real thing. They absolutely did an amazing job. A good time to toss this lure would be around sunrise or sunset hours mimicking the times in which bats are most often active. 

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