One of the things I liked the most from the Kanzen braid was how the line sounded as it passed through the guides. It is much quieter than other braid line I have used. Some braided lines sound like they are sawing through my guides. This may just be a personal opinion, but I enjoy the quietness of the Kanzen.    Overall, Seaguar has made a braided line that excels in its class. Seaguar has suited all fishermen with its impressive array of braided line sizes, ranging from #8 to #100 pounds and hollow core from #100 to #200.

Pros:Thin diameter


Castability = excellent

No bleed in the dye

Handles excellent in abrasive conditions

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I really got a kick out of the line when I spooled several of my bottom rods for offshore. In the past, when bottom fishing for big grouper or mutton snapper, a bulky reel would be needed to put on enough heavy monofilament to bring up one of those beasts. I have not only downsized on the conventional reels but also gone higher in line class. Using the 40- to 60-pound Kanzen braid when targeting big bottom fish has been an advantage that I would recommend to all bottom fisherman. We have been able to pull out some big fish these last few months that would normally rock us, or rub us on structure cutting us off. The Kanzen braid gives you the confidence to muscle out big fish, knowing that the line can take the force and abrasion.

At the lake, its castability was outstanding. The line comes off the reel smoothly and does not stick to itself like many other braids. I casted topwater lures as if I had a rifle scope on the top of my 7-foot rod.    I also outfitted a few of my inshore rods with the 20- and 30-pound lines. I have been able to muscle out big snook, tarpon and trout on smaller reels. The diameter of the line is so conveniently small. Like most braids, I can fit an entire 300-yard spool of 20- and 30-pound line on a reel that would not hold nearly that amount of line if I was spooling it with equal monofilament.

Kanzen Braid


I have been fishing with Seaguar fluorocarbon leaders for many years now, and have always loved their product. Recently, I was introduced to its new braid line called Kanzen. Kanzen, as advertised, is a thin diameter, smooth casting braid that is made of tiny strands of micro fiber that are woven together to create a line that exhibits maximum knot strength, abrasion resistance and durability.

    I was able to get my hands on a few spools of Kanzen braid in 20- to 60-pound range, and I was eager to put them on my reels. I set up a few of my smaller spinners with the Kanzen 20-pound braid. From the start, it was evident that this new line was not only thinner in diameter than most braided lines, but it was also smoother. As I began to tightly fill the spool, I could feel the braid passing by my finger.  I thought to myself that this was the smoothest braided line I ever felt.