Shimano Twin Power XD

The new Shimano Twin Power XD come in three sizes ranging from a C3000 to a C5000. 6.2:1 ratio with 24lb's of drag, put to 41 inches of line retrieval per crank and weighing around 10oz. Made to be a heavy duty saltwater reel which contains flagship features such as a x-protect, oversized handle knob, hagane body design, 9+1 bearing and cross carbon drags. This reel is truly designed to handle almost every situation. 

Shimano Sustain

The new Shimano Sustain reels will now be cheaper than their original counterparts, loaded with newer technology. Best in show in the saltwater reels category at ICAST 2017. The Shimano Sustain now has the new shimano hagane gear technology, new body design and  features X-protect. It contains a gear ratio of 6.2:1  depending on size, and will retrieve 39-41 inches per crank.They have been completely redone and come in 4 different sizes ranging from 2500 - 5000 series. 

Shimano Exsence 

The new Shimano Exsence reels come in two sizes, a 3000 and 4000 series. It features the new shimano magnesium hagane  body design, magnum lite rotor, X-protect, crossfire carbon drag, quick fire drag. The lightest reel in its size class in the Shimano line up. This reel is intended for the inshore fishermen, getting it done with braided line in a 10-20lb range. Overall this reel is loaded with flagship features and Shimano still manage to reduce the price.