I recommend using the Mr.Tackle Hothead Jigs when using the Split-Tail Touts because they are a perfect match, and the jigs are very well made. They are stronger than your typical jigs, and can handle bigger fish. 
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Split Tail Tout

Mr. Tackle, Inc.

The Mr. Tackle Split-Tail Touts are a unique small soft plastic lure that imitate a shrimp. They Split-Tail Touts are 3.5" in length and come in a variety of different colors and patterns. There are a total of 9 different colors on their online store. What I like about the Split-Tail Touts is the fact that they are scented with a shrimp scent. Both infused into the baits so that it last throughout the entire life of the lure as well as a coating of scent by ProCure. Each package is packed to the top with 10 Split-Tail Touts. 
Using the Split-Tail Touts on the grass flats or near structure is perfect for those fish waiting on a shrimp to come out of cover. Drifting a Split-Tail Tout near the jetties, or bridges during the shrimp run in Miami have been producing snook and tarpon. We took a few packs over to Mexico and tried them out on the Pacific Yellowtail and several bottom fish with outstanding success. I have never seen a fish hit a lure so hard as the Pacific Yellowtail my father landed off Ensenada, MX.