Taco LED Lights

Taco Metals, Inc.

Taco Metals marine grade LED spreader light is a 6-watt low draw light. It is very bright and powerful for its size, this is due to the Lumateq's technology in their LED's . The housing consist of 6 high powered 1-watt LED's that only draw .5 Amperes. With a single light on the backside of the Ttop we were able to light up the entire back deck of the boat. We added 1 on each side of the boat as well for night fishing and it lights up not only the side of the boat but also the entire area where the light is pointing. Each light is rated at 675 lumens, which is comparable to a 50W halogen but without the draw. 

On our boat we have a total of four (F38-4600WHA-1) LED spreader lights from Taco Metals. We use them to light up not only the deck of the boat but also the mangrove canals at night, the light on the front of our Ttop, although it is a spreader light, will shine markers that are out in front a few 100 yards away. But if your purpose is to mount a spot light, the 3 LED (F38-5600WHA-01) Spotlight from Taco Marine is recommended. We also use these lights at night to light up the flats when bullyneting, and our lines when deep dropping for swords. Overall it make it easier on our eyes when night fishing in general. 

These LED lights are constructed out of a heavy duty plastic material. They are rated as water proof (non- submersion) which will most likely give it an IP-67 rating. All the hardware is stainless steel including the bracket. If you are going to attach it to your Ttop that doesn't have a flat bracket, they include a heavy duty tube mount that will clamp around most Ttop tubing. The wiring is completely sealed and uses marine grade tinned wire. The lights are rated for 12-28V systems. The LED uses Lumateq technology which provide some of the whitest and brightest LED's on the market, while still being low maintenance, low heat, and low amp draw. 

For more information on Taco Metals, Visit their website at www.TacoMetals.com