In order to achieve their U.S. Coast Guard approval, ThrowRaft had to conduct and pass over 35 different field tests. These tests included: the puncture test, water spray test, un-inflated buoyancy test, grab strap test, drop test and many more.  Check out the video below for the full overview on the Throw Raft and check out for more information


Throw Raft exists to save lives​​

The ThrowRaft can be stored in two ways, in its pouch for storing in a nearby accessible compartment or on mounting brackets for easy access on any vessel. It is mountable on most center consoles, bulkheads, and sailboat railings. Comes with a 24 gram CO2 cylinder bayonet and is easily repacked and recharged using standard PFD re-arming kit, making it re-usable.

The world's first U.S. Coast Guard approved inflatable throwable rescue flotation device. Made to replace your standard throwable and/or ring buoy. It is 9X smaller than the ring buoy and 5x smaller than the square cushion. It is so compact, it fits in a backpack or ditch bag. It can be thrown over 40ft to reach a person in distress or man over board scenarios. ​