In the last month, I have had the opportunity to try out the Z Hog Jr’s. It is an outstanding lure to flip in heavy brush when rigged weedless. You will be amazed at how many lunkersized bass hold under these harsh fishing areas. After trying it out all over Miami Dade, I am completely convinced that this smaller creature styled bait is the perfect size to land big fish. 
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One thing that stands out about these baits is their ability to stand up to constant strikes. These lures are made from a soft life like yet durable plastic that will allow you to catch multiple fish before having to switch out the lure. Each pack brings ten Z Hog Jr’s and Zoom has made them in all ten of their original older brother’s colors.

Z Hog Jr

by ZOOM Bait Co.

It’s no surprise that ZOOM fans loved the original Z Hog when it hit the market, but after a few months many asked if they can make a smaller size, since sometimes some bass are looking for a smaller meal. Zoom wasted no time coming up with an answer and thus the smaller “snack size” Z Hog Jr was born. The new Z Hog Jr creature bait is the baby brother to the original Z-Hog which is a half inch shorter, with an overall length of 3 1/2 inches. It still maintains all the features that pro anglers and the everyday angler fell in love with. It has small flappers protruding from both sides of its body teamed up with a rabbit ear like tail. It has a deep groove on the front and back, and is ribbed to give it a life like texture. The core of its body is still beefy (one of the qualities that we all liked about the original) making it a great bait that will still hold a wide-gap flipping hook.